Friday, 8 October 2010

Not Blogged

Well, I've not blogged for a while. Seem to get tied up in other stuff and forget to blog. Lots of work going on at the moment to make the company a bit better and appreciating feedback as to which areas to focus on. Sad times last month when Dave one of my most reliable instructors left me to get a "proper" full time job. He must be regretting that by now...
That left a big hole in my staffing and has made me think about staffing for next year as I really relied on him. I think its time we had a full time member of staff for the summer at the least.

Still looking for that elusive premises in which to run the company but which has so far eluded me. There are so few options in this valley of places to get. Found a few but they are either ridiculous terms or too small or in the wrong place. I'm sure we'll find somewhere at some point between now and next March.

Lots of First Aid and Open Canoeing going on this winter. REC trainers qualification to finish off and also a few expeds to do to Scotland. Loch Shiel is looking good for February. Loch Ness next summer is also looking good again. Have missed my boating in Scotland. Got my 5 star to finish off too so all in all a busy winter ahead.

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